Saturday, November 7, 2009

Incredible Houston Rally!


We just left our awesome Houston rally where thousands were on hand. The picture below tells the story. We've also briefly split up the 2 buses.

The red bus crossed town to protest the American Medical Association outside of their convention in Houston. The blue bus is continuing on with most of the team to Beaumont, TX for our rally there. The red bus will then join us for the middle of the rally and we'll all be reunited again. But check out Houston:

We'll be posting more and more updates from the past few days and today throughout the evening. So keep checking back!

And let us hope our phone calls and emails are working and that we can defeat this House vote on socialized government-run healthcare tonight!


  1. Michael Moore is psychopathic and a repulsive Liberal and helping Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi shove Socialism down our throat. Michael Moore is representative of Obama and his administration. Socialism will fail, Capitalism will prevail, and we will never acquiesce to losing our FREEDOM to a DICTATORSHIP. This Democrat Party and Obama administration is very adamant in their attempt for a Government take over. We must stop this repulsive liberal administration.

  2. I just posted a short video of the TPE II rally in Houston, just to show the excitement and the size of the crowd. It is on YouTube at:


  3. Those stupid ignorant good for nothing pigs just got a health care bill passed, now its time for pay back in november 2010, throw their good for nothing behinds out of senate and congress, starting with that arrogant ignorant Nancy Pelosi, Now all tea baggers Of America Show them you mean bussiness, and are not going to go away quitely into the night, like Obama says you will!!! Time For A Revolution,Time to take back this country

  4. Joe Cao (R) 2nd District Louisiana
    I gave you a grade of F. why are you a Republican, you are so disingenuous.
    Joe Cao just joined 219 fools for a socialistic way of life. Seniors under this Bill will need the Governments approval to receive Health Care.

  5. See if your congresscritter was among the tax & spenders, who voted to socialize US healthcare and destroy your healthcare choices and its easy availability. Go here:

    Now, you know who needs to be voted out, in 2010.