Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shame On Congress

In the middle of the night, using Rahm Emanuel's strategy of exploiting national tragedies to push through a radical agenda, the House of Representatives defied the will of the people and the Constitution to push through their socialistic healthcare scheme.

Here's the statement that Tea Party Express leaders put out last night minutes after the vote:


  1. They knew exactly when to do this. The weekend after the 1st of the month when mortgages & rent have been paid and people were enjoying themselves. Here was my take: I am sorry you can't get closer to Little Rock again. It was a blast. I tweet you up all the time though. God Speed!

  2. The "Blue Dog Democrats" are DISINGENOUOS. Corruption continues in our government. This bill is the first step into Socialism and will continue until we vote them out of office. We now must focus on Senators with Credibility and Integrity if their are any.