Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conservative Republican Takes on Harry Reid!

We here at the Tea Party Express have gotten behind the campaign of Conservative Republican, Sharron Angle, and her campaign to "Defeat Harry Reid."

We are now unveiling our first round of ads promoting Sharron Angle's campaign - including 2 TV ads and 1 radio ad... all of which will begin airing statewide across Nevada this week. Watch/Listen to these ads below:

We will continue airing additional rounds of advertising supporting Angle's campaign through the June 8th GOP primary.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Incredible Tea Party in Traverse City - Thousands on Hand

Thousands of patriots turned out for the Tea Party Express rally in Traverse City, Michigan today - in what became a celebration of victory in our "Defeat Bart Stupak" campaign.

The Traverse City, MI rally featured below followed rallies earlier in the morning in Petoskey and Cheboygan that brought out similiarly enthusiastic crowds. To those who say that the tea party movement has fizzled, or who have tried to marginalize this effort, we say (in the words of conservative rapper, Polatik): Marginalize This!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A great event in Evansville, IN

We're just wrapping up the Tea Party Express rally in Evansville, IN - and it's been a fantastic gathering. The patriots here turned out in huge numbers on a workfrom day, a Monday at 9:00 AM.

Here's two pictures taken from our cell phone camera:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Vote Them Out and Flip the House November 2010!

Just Vote Them Out and Flip the House November 2010!

The Tea Party Express III Just Just Vote Them Out and Flip the House November 2010! tour is off and rolling through towns and states across the country! We kicked off the tour in Searchlight Nevada where I started my speech with these words “Harry, Reid my lipstick, we are going to Vote YOU Out in November!” This was followed by thunderous applause and shouts from the 30,000 plus attendees.

Despite the eggs propelled at one of the buses and the nasty hand gestures of the Reid supporters, the message of the Tea Party Express and the speakers was upbeat and clear! Each and every speaker from Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Angela McGlowan, Andrew Breitbart, and many others touched on the common threads that I believe define the tea party and the conservative movement; liberty, less taxes, limited government, upholding the Constitution, and voting out the radicals and rinos (republican in name only) that have disgraced the public office and the people that trusted them.

The crowds have been substantial, the attitude patriotic, the determination sincere, the desire and intent clear, the people are making a commitment to take personal responsibility by vetting candidates, showing up to vote in their primary and the general election, educating others, and taking someone with them to vote in November.

Over the past six days we have rallied in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska. We are heading to Topeka, Kansas followed by Tulsa OK, and Little Rock, AR. Be sure to check the map for locations, dates, and times!

Together we will vote them out and Flip the House in 2010! The Flip this House initiative launched by Grassfire and promoted by has a clear and simple message that we believe most Americans believe in.

F-Fix the size of Government

L-Limit Taxes

I-Impose Term Limits

P-Purge Nationalization of Industry

We hope to meet you at a Tea Party Express III rally! Keep up the great work Patriots; we have a lot to accomplish!!

God Bless You and God Bless America!

Darla Dawald, National Director -

(A Grassfire Nation Website)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Patriots Defy Thunderstorms in Topeka!

Get the scoop from Dave Logan, Andrea Shea King's producer, on how several hundred patriots didn't allow a band of powerful thunderstorms to stop them from fighting for their country.

We're taking our country back and no rain, sleet or snow will stop us!

The full report is - HERE.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giant Omaha Tea Party Closes Road!!

We just completed our Tea Party Express rally in Omaha, Nebraska. Thousands upon thousands of great patriots turned out - so many so that police had to close the entrance road to the event on account of their being too many people who wanted into the event.

Reid Supporters Egg Tea Party Activists

Get the scoop from Chris Burgard at Big Government - HERE.

Fox Nation has the report with Andrew Breitbart - HERE.

And here's the report with video showing the Leftists in the act - HERE.