Saturday, November 14, 2009

Darla DaWald's Post from Final Day

Today is the final day of the tour. I am deeply saddened to leave this family of patriots aboard the buses and the caravan of those following to assist with set up, sound, product, etc… All of us however, are looking forward to being united with our families.

It never ceases to amaze me how that at each stop the people attending are clearly patriotic and yet the media continues to define them (us) as racists. We have persons from many origins and color among this tour and believe me we are all a family and stand together to defend and fight for our country together. The only way anyone could be correct as stating this movement is racist is in that we are many races coming together to stand for freedom and liberty in the United States of America!

The rally in Beaufort, SC was a wonderful stop. I was standing there in a very tight area filled with patriots and noticed I was rubbing shoulders with none other than Senator Joe Wilson (You Lie!). Senator Wilson spoke a motivating and inspiring speech and clearly the people of Beaufort are behind Joe. Everywhere you looked there were stickers and signs with Go JOE! There were approx. 1500 people at the seaside location.

Yesterday morning we attended the rally at Holly Hill, FL. The police and several motor cycle patriots escorted the buses in to the rally. The crowd was approx 3-5,000 and they were polite yet angry at the system. We see this everywhere we go. It has been especially meaningful to me as I am approached by many Resistnet and or Grassfire members who are aware of our efforts and the petition delivery issues we had in DC. They are grateful for the direction and information they receive from us to help them be involved.

We are now in Orlando, FL and resting today! I have been extremely hoarse. I barely ha a voice yesterday yet I have continued to speak thanks to the microphone and pa system. I hope my voice may be a bit better tonight for our last rally. We understand this will be a good size rally and I am not surprised. Floridians show up in numbers!

I cannot stress enough the importance of becoming united and engaged in the fight for liberty and freedom. I always assumed that liberty and freedom were a given in our country due to the way I was raised and taught. I never imagined in my lifetime that I would be caught up in the fight of my life to hold on to and restore liberty and freedom for all. We must remind and educate the public to become aware and act in 2010 as we vote in the most historic election of our lives!

God Bless You and God Bless America Again!
Darla Dawald, National Coordinator


  1. The Obama administration are RACISTS and so are the Congressional Black Caucus, Acorn and others in Washington. They all receive millions in donations because they keep the "HATE" going by being Racists. Rev.Wright in Chicago stands as a perfect example,he's worth millions teaching children to be Racists in a church built with donations. The old addage "MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL" when you are a Racist.

  2. Darla, thanks so much for keeping us updated via this blog...I'm hoping you will continue this or another blog since it is very easy to keep up with you. I met you in DC the day before the 9-12 are as pretty as your picture...but most of all I appreciate your dedication to our cause...May God Bless all of you for what you have worked so hard with...It is worth the fight...Please pass on my thanks to everyone with the Teaparty Express...there are a lot of people who appreciate your dedication!!! and who support your!!!

  3. Liberal Media has lost viewers to Fox Network, therefore losing money. Sarah Palin is a very attractive Conservative Candidate for President and that is a threat to Liberals. Their only weapon is the use of casting ASPERSIONS on Sarah Palin. Liberals doesn't have any Character and has lost all credibility with the American people. Obama is a Liar and wants to implement Socialism into our way of life. All Democrat Senators are TRAITORS to the majority of the voters and willing to accept bribes in lieu of re-election, these bribes are TAXPAYERS MONEY.

  4. Darla,

    It was a pleasure traveling with all of you. I was with you from San Diego all the way to Orlando. We helped wherever we could with setting up the sound stage or volunteering in the Tea Party Express merchandise booth to. I look forward to TPXIII!

    For those calling us Racists ( there was a lady in Alabama at the park calling everyone a racist who entered the park before a single word was uttered) I ask them to provide one racist comment made by any member of a The Tea party. Please show us that tape. I asked the counter demonstrators in Alabama if they knew that the Tea party Express was a non partisan event, and that probably half of the speakers were not only American, but Black americans. I got nothing but bank stares...

    Across the country on this tour what struck me about those protesting our presence was that none of them ever had arguments against conservative positions, IN Los Angeles they had their faces painted white and carried signs demanding free health care. None of them ever brought American flags, so while in Texas, I was discussing this fact with the manager of a Dollar General store who promptly donated 200 (Chinese made) American Flags to give them as they did not want to carry US flags not made in the US.

    Oddly, the counter demonstrators never wanted a free American flag. Just signs demanding government hand outs.

    Count me in for TPXIII!

    Christopher Gott
    Miami Florida (the made in US Flag Guy)

    P.S Joe Wilson probably appreciates the promotion but he is a congressman in the House not a Senator. His Son Allen is running for S.C Attorney general. maybe he will ask candidates to prove they were born in the US with a Vault Copy Birth certificate for once

  5. U.S.Senator Joe Lieberman:I gave you a grade of F. Integrity and credibility has certainly taken a back seat. You said on national television you would not vote for cloture, but you did. That makes your statement a LIE. What did Harry Reid promise you that is worth more than your credibility to vote for this debate? You will support the final passage of SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, but the voters will never support you as Senator again. Holy Joe, you made a bad decision.

  6. U.S.Senator Mary Landrieu: I gave you a grade of F.What price do you put on your credibility? You know Senior citizens will be hurt with the passage of this Socialized Health care. Harry Reid you speak so highly of will be gone in 2010. I find you as ingratiating, narcissistic, and arrogant. Your support of this corrupt bill will end your political career. You work for the state of Louisiana, and they deserve much better than you.

  7. Obama serving as President feels he has the SOLE right to implement reparation without any concern to those being harmed by his decision. The 111th congress is not being responsible for their actions; they are too full of "hate". This Health Care Reform is the first major move towards SOCIALISM. Apathetical attitudes towards government for many years by the People have allowed corrupt Politicians to form a symbiotic relationship. Our only option is to vote CAREER politicians out of office. Many of these Politicians are Lawyers, and don’t give a DAMN about your Healthcare needs or how much money it will cost you. What do “closed door” meetings among Democrats say to you? Think long and hard before you decide to re-elect any CAREER POLITICIANS.