Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Beautiful Finale - Orlando Tea Party Express Rally!


With bittersweet feelings (a mix of pride and a sense of accomplishment with a heavy helping of sadness that our cross-country tour has come to end) we held our grand finale rally in Orlando, Florida.

Our deepest gratitude to WDBO AM 580 and Ray Srour of Momentum Radio for helping put this event together and make it the huge success it was. Crowd estimates ranged between 4,000 - 4,500 people.

UPDATE: Orlando Sentinel reports that more than 4,000 conservatives jammed Lake Eola Park for tonight's Tea Party Express rally. Read their report on the rally - HERE.


  1. We must keep the INTENSITY of the Tea Party movement foremost and contribute to the cost. The Tea Party Express has built an enormous voting machine with millions of members to keep it running and will be ready to "Take our country Back" in 11 more months. We will never acquiesce to SOCIALISM our corrupt Government is trying to shove down our throat.

  2. I was there. 4,000 is a streatch. 1000 max.

  3. I was there and it certainly liked like 4000 if not more. My husband prides himself on being able to estimate correctly and sometimes a little too conservative with the count.

  4. Notice how, at all of the Tea Parties, you see an abundance of US flags (flown right-side-up, I should note). This is in stark contrast to the paid, Astroturf, anti-American marches of the big-government socialists, where, if they fly a US flag at all, they fly it upside-down under the Mexican flag. That shows, regardless of the names that the Usurper in Chief may call the Tea Party patriots, just who are the real patriots and who is actively trying to bring down the greatest and freest nation that this planet has ever known. Keep up the good fight!

  5. I live a block from Lake Eola, have for 15 years. I've attended hundreds of events at the Lake and have a good idea what a 4,000 person crowd looks like in the neighborhood. There were 7-800 people max at this rally. They barely filled the Disney band shell. The park is well used by many local residents and was barely busier than your average evening. I did notice several corporate sponsored busses parked nearby though. Really makes me wonder about these "grass roots" events.

  6. I attended the tea parties at both Holly Hill and Orlando this week, and I was nothing less than energized!!! This is truly not a movement of right vs left, but right vs wrong....and the everyday people you see at these rallies are ONLY about what IS and WAS "right" about this country, and how we all need to get it "right" once again, before we lose it.

    If there are those that are offended by legitimate discussion of how people feel about the antics of our politicians in Washington, they need merely ignore if they so choose. Instead, they attempt to discredit and quell our voices, and deny those of us who are disgusted with the way our government officials ignore our requests, by calling us everything from "racists" to "astroturf". If we're mad at politicians who WE put in office, whose salaries WE pay, and that we understand that THEY work for US (but DON'T), who are these people who demand that we be denied our right to assembly to voice our collective disgust? Last time I checked, they haven't voided the 1st Amendment YET. I DARE them to try.

    “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.”---Thomas Jefferson

    The times in which we find ourselves now are these "certain occasions".......we are keeping Jefferson's wish alive.

    Live Free or Die

  7. Liberals are in the minority now and more repulsive than ever and hate to admit how ignorant they are on every aspect of life. People with high Character will not condone their repugnant life style any longer. Liberal life styles wanting others to pay their bills and government to control everyone's life is not going to happen. WE WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  8. Some of us "racists" drove over from Pasco County Fl. to support the efforts and were pleasantly suprised by the turnout and lack of aggitaors. The rally was electrifying and showed the voice of the people which Pelosi, Reed and the rest of the Deafocrats are not listening to!
    There were definetly several thousand people in attendance, the seats were all taken, and the crowd around the shell and out onto the street was elbow to elbow - far more tham 7 or 8 hundred some say were there. Keep up the good work Tea Party Express!

  9. Liberal Media has lost viewers to Fox Network, therefore losing money. Sarah Palin is a very attractive Conservative Candidate for President and that is a threat to Liberals. Their only weapon is the use of casting ASPERSIONS on Sarah Palin. Liberals doesn't have any Character and has lost all credibility with the American people. Obama is a Liar and wants to implement Socialism into our way of life. All Democrat Senators are TRAITORS to the majority of the voters and willing to accept bribes in lieu of re-election, these bribes are TAXPAYERS MONEY.