Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On The Road with Jim Dutra - Day 4

Carson City, site of Nevada's State Capitol and its part time legislature. It's is one of those very crisp blue-sky/white-cloud mornings.

As we drove in last nite it was blowing a strong snow storm but less than an inch of the big flakes accumulated on the ground. So our group, which had initially been fearful of this morning's weather was pleased that the roads the next morning were just fine for our outdoor rally.

Sal Russo got all of our people from the two busses and three chase vehicles together for a warm dinner here at the Carson Station Hotel and Casino. (Only a few hearty souls had the energy to visit the one-armed bandits in the casino...most of us were just too tired.) This was our first group dinner and it sure hit the spot.

Last nite's rally in front of the old WalMart store in Fallon was a great rally. Probably bout 500 in attendance. Once again I don't think there was one person who supported Harry Reid for re-election. Fallon is a farming community bout 40 miles east of Reno but there were many small business owners in attendance. I conversed with several and it is clear they are hanging on by their fingernails. None of them wept in my presence -- it was cold at 6 pm last nite -- but I could feel the heartache over their livelihoods and dreams going down the drain through no real fault of their own.

I will never forget the young and the old at this event best demonstrated by the interaction I saw with Kay Rivoli.

First a woman in her 80's came up to Kay to ask her to sign the program. Kay spoke with her for several minutes and expressing th concern over the health care proposals. She walked away seeming reassured that Kay would continue the fight.

Then near the end of the program a teenage girl came up to Kay wide-eyed and so pleased to meet Kay Rivoli. Kay had me take the teenager's camera for a picture of both of them. No anger there, just love for what the Tea Party Express was doing.

Finishing up this email after the Carson City event and on I-80 towards Walnut Creek, our next stop.

Carson City saw bout 400 people in 35 degrees plus a very strong, gusty wind. The unseasonable weather didn't discourage these participants. Once again no support for Harry Reid.

The Carson City rally also had several local candidates in attendance and speaking to the crowd.

The bus drivers were at WalMart loading up on supplies while the program was underway. We are good to go.

Next up was a westward trek across Northern California to Walnut Creek, which is about 30 miles east of San Francisco and the district of Nancy Pelosi. It will be the closest we will get to the Speaker but as we all know she thinks we are a mob and would not meet with us anyway.

So the Tea Party Express organizers Sal and JoeW decided to rally in this East Bay city where a special congressional election will be held next week.

It pits the longtime Democrat insider and current Caifornia LT Gov John Garamendi against Republican David Harmer. The polls of this traditionally Democratic seat suggest the race is closer than it should be. Garamendi is pulling out all the left wing support including ACORN assistance. The Tea Party rally will demonstrate that this area is more purple than has been realized.

Lew Uhler, chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee, has joined the tour for a spell. He told the crowd of over 2,000 that there are 12 "persuadable US senators" who need to hear the anti-Obamacare message. If you go to his website you will find the 12 Senators -- http://www.limittaxes.org/

David Harmer, the Reoublican nominee for next Tuesday's specisl election in the 10th congressional district, addressed his local supporters. He began by reciting in unison with the crowd a few well-known parts of the Declaration of Indeoendence. He reminded the crroiwd that a few hundred votes will decide this special election. His website is http://www.harmonforcongress.com/

It was a beautiful nite requiring only a light sweater. While the crowd was well over 2,000 it is likely the unexpected closure of the Bay Bridge prevented an even bigger crowd.

Should make Redding by midnight

P.S. to all on my list. You are welcome to pass these email observations of the bus tour along to others. Please understand I am doing all on my Blackberry where my thumb typing isn't always the best. LOL JDutra


  1. Last night win for Governor's is a first step on a platform for many changes in 2010 and sent a strong message to Pelosi and Reid to STOP THE SPENDING.

  2. Obama LIED when he declared he graduated from Columbia University as a Political Science Major. Why hasn't the Ethics Committee reported and exposed this huge LIE? Washington is so corrupt they have a symbiotic relationship. Democrat or Republican are one and the same covering each others back with total Deception to the American People. This is what the Tea Party Express is trying to end, and we will.

  3. Obama attended Harvard Law, last time I checked they have a pretty good reputation.

  4. Besides, I dont think his 'lie' about his Columbia College credentials is nearly as insidious as lies that led to the occupation of Iraq.

  5. Obama admitted to smoking Marijuana while going to school so he asked the Attorney General not to prosecute Marijuana use in 13 states that has made it legal for medical reasons. Does Obama smoke Marijuana in the White House?