Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lloyd Marcus LIVE from the Tea Party Express II

Singer, patriot, columnist and Tea Party Express II participant, Lloyd Marcus, has written a great report on his experiences from the road during this national tea party tour.

His piece was published today at the American Thinker website, one of Rush Limbaugh's favorite websites for conservative thought and policy discussions.

Lloyd has been - as he was on the first Tea Party Express - a source of inspiration for the entire traveling contingent, and we are so honored to have along with us. His warm sould and gifted talents make the Tea Party Express II an amazingly moving experience.

You can read his great column - HERE.


  1. Lloyd Marcus your report spoke for all of us with the TPX, and you do a great job giving everyone inspiration. Thank You for your dedication and hard work, you are a Patriot.Your Friend,Cordell Ferrell

  2. Thanks for coming to Helena today!

  3. Lloyd, you are a true American. If only people would understand what you say. You are American. We all are, however everyone wants to make it a political correct statement. There is nothing wrong with heritage, but why first? Keep up the great job.

  4. I grew up in the south and still live in the south. My grandfather's first family was bi-racial. I came from his second family. I loved all these kids. We played together and laughed and had fun. Like most kids we never knew we were different because we were not. I am having a hard time with people in the White House accusing many of being racially motivated. I wish they could and would come see how I grew up and they would see things differently. Lloyd you a a true American and I sure do wish we had more people in Washington and all over this country like you. We are all going to lose if we can't get things turned around now.