Friday, November 6, 2009

The Dutra Report - Days 13 & 14

Day 13
A windy day in Amarillo but in mid-60s. Probably about 500 patriots in the park for our rally.

Mark Williams asked how many in the crowd have ever been to a protest rally. A majority of hands went up.

But there are protesters here. About 4 people have suddenly walked to the front carrying posters -- Health Care Now. As they began to chant and walk in front of the stage the crowd burst out in singing God Bless America. The protesters continue to shout but Mark handles the matter superbly.

The Rivoli's reminded the crowd that cash for clunkers really worked: 90 percent of the Obama bumper stickers are now off the road.

The Rivoli's also asked in verse how many want more bail outs. As you may know the had the UTube sensation Press One for English with 13 million hits.

Both buses are getting a wash here in Amarillo as the rally starts.

As all 22 of us got onto the buses, we learned of the tragic news at Ft Hood Texas. The Tea Party Express will be in Austin tomorrow evening (Friday)which is very near to the Post.

Levi Russell issued the following from the bus -- in part: The Tea Party Express ends each and every rally with a special tribute to the military men and women serving, or who have served, their nation. We are still in shock at this tragedy, and are waiting to hear details as they become available. We do know that this is utterly heartbreaking, and are grief-stricken to hear of violence committed against our own soldiers at their home base. Said Deborah Johns, Blue Star Mom and Co-Chair of the Tea Party Express.

Lubbock -- A Special Evening

As we arrived in downtown Lubbock for the 5 pm rally they were already underway with a prayer for the troops at Ft Hood. Mark Williams then spoke eloquently of what it means to be an American. The crowd of about 500 was hushed. Mark and the rest of the Tea Party Express crew did a terrific effort.

Walking around I caught a local newsie setting up. Turned out to be a live interview for the local nightly news on ABC affiliate KLBK Channel 13. Reporter Mitch Carr interviewed local Lubbock man Kyle Wiseman. When asked why he was at the rally, Kyle quickly responded, "I don't want government run health care."

Throughout the tour most (not all) witness local television crews covering the rally. Plus Levi, our press secretary, gets out a lot of the radio and print to cover. But not often do we see a live TV shot.

The end of the rally in the darkness of 7 pm had the glow of the park gazebo aglow with the Tea Party Express speakers and entertainers. The program ended but no one wanted to leave. Chris Wynn, local Tea Party coordinator, shouted Amazing Grace. Diana Nagy took the microphone and asked all to join her in singing the song. Kay Rivoli joined Diana to lead everyone in singing the inspirational gospel song. Unforgettable.

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