Sunday, November 1, 2009

On the Road Reports - Trip Journal!

During the first week of the Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day, one of our traveling staffers, Mr. Jim Dutra - on board the Red Bus, has been filing daily reports on our events.

He was forwarding them to just a couple personal friends. But the reports were so fascinating that those friends in turn forwarded them on to others, and now all of us - and many people we don't even know - look forward to Jim's updates on the Tea Party Express II each day.
So we are going to be publishing those reports. We begin with his report from Day 1:
A spectacular event just finished in San Diego. Could have used more space as everyone was packed. Maybe about 1500 turned out in front of the USS Midway to hear all the speakers and to make their point. The crowd was enthusiastic and attentive to every word. If this is any indication of the passion in the country then there will be a turn around in 2010 -- faster than anyone thinks.

The Rivoli Revue performed their smash YouTube hits on stage to big applause. Ron and Kay Rivoli are on my bus and I am discovering they are not your common entertainers -- they feel this in the heart.

On now to Los Angeles rally at 4:30.
J C Dutra


  1. I agree, Ron and Kay are true patriots. But all of you are. With your Rally, you are helping the sleeping giant awake.

  2. I ,will look forward to reading all your reports Jim and thank you for your time and effort in doing this, your report will be our eyes and ears,Thanks again.

  3. The Democrat Party and Republican Party have thrown the American people under the bus and don't care or look back. Their only concern is which party is in control and have all the POWER just like a Dictator. These elected IDIOTS are the reason 7 million people are out of work and we owe China 10 million dollars. Thursday and Friday Pelosi wants these FOOLS to pass Socialized Medicine with language so AMBIGUOUS 50 Lawyers would not know what it means. Call all your elected IDIOTS in Washington and let them know we determine who gets elected and vote NO on SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.

  4. Correction: We owe China 10 Trillion dollars, I cannot yet get an understanding of Trillions,sorry about that.

  5. Michelle Said On Hannity To Be In WASH < THUR< TO STOP HEALTH CARE ! If You Are Like Me And Can't Get Their , Please Send A Stamped Evelope With NO TO HEALTH CARE ON IT TO NANCY PELOSI !Office of the Speaker
    H-232, US Capitol
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-0100

    Send a stamped envelope with NO TO HEALTHCARE
    Nancy Pelosi, Office of the Speaker
    H-232, US Capital
    Washington, DC 20515
    FYI...SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF Healthcare bill per FOX NEWS:
    5.5 million jobs will be lost
    Taxed on pace maker, knee, hip replacements, hearing aides.
    Has abortion provision
    Includes the DEATH PANELS, end of life counselors are back in bill
    Can’t purchase private health care after a specific date
    Need to raise taxes…Heritage Foun. Says it will be a 700 Billion tax increase
    Our Liberty & Tyranny moment…Michelle Bachman
    Steps of the Capital at noon
    Thurs., Nov. 5th to walk thru Halls of Congress, Rayburn, etc.
    The liberal left are radical, arrogant, and incompetent

  6. Thanks for the INFO. Cat I just mailed mine and I'm sure Thousands will,keep it coming,bye now.

  7. I will be sending in my letter to Turncoat-Pelosi today, thanks for posting the address!

  8. You can always opt out and keep your existing plan... I will go to DC picket sign in hand FOR health care reform and the 12million who desperately need affordable health care. I have a friend at work who has a genetic disease. He just turned 21 and for some reason he got dropped from his parents insurance. He is a part-time employee (we work in retail) so he get less coverage than I do. His caps out at $1,200 per year way below his medical bills. He can't afford the premiums for private insurance that would fully cover his treatments and doctor visits. Tell me tea partiers what is he supposed to do without the government's help. It's not his fault he was born like this. Tell me WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO!!! I urge you set aside your political afilliations or racial motivations (yeah I said it) and protest for what is right. I understand the majority of people who have health care are happy with their plan - fine, then keep your plan. But what about the less fortunate.