Sunday, November 8, 2009

Road Report from Darla Dawald - ResistNet/Grassfire Home of the Patriotic Resistance

Darla Dawald on the Road with the Tea Party Express II

Friday November 6th I joined the Tea Party Express in the great state of Texas representing Resistnet and Grassfire. The Texas Patriots were great and as expected showed up for the rallies in number and form from Austin to Houston, and Beaumont!

The Next stop was Baton Rouge where the people were feisty due to a 215-220 vote in the House of Representatives last night approving their version of the health care bill. It is maddening and de-motivating…..however, it is not the final word and we can still KILL the BILL! Furthermore, we should be proud that we converted the yes votes from the Bluedogs from 39 to only 5 yes votes yesterday. You were all dedicated and stayed the course and I am so proud to be associated with you.

At every rally when it’s my time to speak I inform the people about the difficulty we experienced in DC last week while trying to deliver petitions to the Senators. I share that we had to hire a courier to deliver the petitions due to the inept and unconstitutional actions taken by the security at the Senate buildings. I have spoken to the people about Flip this House and taking back our country in 2010 using Flip and the precinct strategy.

I encourage them to become involved and engaged and fight every step of the way. We cannot allow the Chicago thuggery who hijacked our country to remain in power and we have to use our vote to change it. I remind them to do this we have to come out in great numbers and bring others with us and we must remain dedicated to educating the masses along the way.

My message has been well received and I have met many Resistnet and Grassfire members along the way. As a matter of fact our own Streetsweeper met us in Houston and has been on the road following us along with many other people from stop to stop!

I feel blessed to be a part of this great team of people crossing the country to spread an encouraging message to stand up and unite and take our country back to the people! People appreciate the Tea Party Express II coming to their town and the dedication of all who are involved in the movement. We appreciate the many people that take time to support the cause and the movement. People are waking up in great numbers and only by working together can we affect long term change to restore our country and put it back on the right path of a Constitutional Republic.

One of my favorite portions of our event is the tribute to our veterans and armed forces. It is a moving, patriotic tribute and every one there seems to be affected by it. We owe a great deal of our freedoms to our veterans, armed forces and their families. Many who have sacrificed their lives for the very freedom we and others in the world enjoy today because America is about freedom!

We have a lot of work to do yet and we must remain dedicated to follow through by educating ourselves, our circles of influence, and those we can reach out to. We must be vigilant and steadfast and together, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, step by step….We will restore our American Republic.

God Bless,
Darla Dawald
National Coordinator and


  1. Thank you Darla for being at the rally in Baton Rouge yesterday. We enjoyed it tremendously and even my 11 yr. old grandaughter who I thought would be bored got into it. We let her hold our sign and she waved it everytime the aplause started up!

    We couldn't believe all the trouble it was for ya'all to get our signatures into the Senate! That's a BIG talking point when we talk it up with our friends.

    Baton Rouge is such a huge Democrat city I couldn't believe there was a crowd there. In fact, looking for reports about it online in the city newspaper "The Advocate" I couldn't find one single article. (This link alone took quite awhile to find.) You would think a crowd on Capitol steps would at least get a comment? I will be writing them!

    Thank you and the whole rally group for all that you do. I know it's disheartening after the healthcare vote and we almost stayed home, but we got 'spittin' mad and could see you guys are 'spittin' mad too!

    Keep on 'keepin' on!!!!

    Mrs. Terri Trosclair
    Resident of Louisiana

  2. Arrogance and money is a way of life for politicians in Washington. They are all ingratiating and corrupt. Nancy Pelosi knew exactly what the vote count would be on the Healthkiller Bill before the vote was called for. Bribe money used in Washington very freely comes from the tax payers.

  3. The "Blue Dog Democrats" are DISINGENUOUS. Corruption continues in our government. This bill is the first step into Socialism and will continue until we vote them out of office. We must now focus on Senators with Credibility and Integrity if there are any.

  4. Ummm, Barack Obama was elected by the people last time I checked, and he'll be there for quite awhile.

    Anh Cao is only the tip of the iceberg, soon many moderate Rep's will start joining the Democratic ranks.

    Oh, and the RNC in LA is already having problems with members showing up! What's goin on Republicans???

    Oh, and at the Rally Sunday, you better keep your members from being too agressive. I could've had one arrested for assault when he struck me in the face and knocked off my hat! That certainly would'nt have looked good in the media!

    I'm predicting 52-48 in Senate!

  5. Milkman you are a perfect example of just how typical the mindset is when Liberals try to think,so quit trying and go back to your street corner and get back to work.

  6. • Let your Congress People know where they stand, go to and you can vote on all 535 elected politicians.