Monday, December 21, 2009

Tea Party Express targets Harry Reid for defeat!

The Tea Party Express proudly releases this new TV ad targeting Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid for defeat in his re-election campaign:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


National Tea Party caravan will hold conservative rallies March 27 – April 15

SACRAMENTO, CA - The Tea Party Express (website: ) is planning a 20-day tour that will cross the nation holding Tea Party rallies with the slogan “Just Vote Them Out!” in reference to the upcoming 2010 congressional elections.

The "Tea Party Express III: Just Vote Them Out" tour will rally conservatives in support of principles such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, and an end to the socialist policies being imposed by the Obama administration.

The caravan will launch with a “Mega Rally” in Searchlight, Nevada (population: approximately 500), the tiny hometown of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, on March 27th.

The Searchlight rally will feature numerous conservative celebrities and VIP’s, as well as the candidates vying for Reid’s senate seat. The Searchlight Mega Rally is expected to draw participants from multiple states to an event unprecedented in size and scope for the small town. From there, the Tea Party Express travels eastward towards its final destination of the massive April 15th Tax Day Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C.

The "Tea Party Express" is a project of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee, one of the nation's largest conservative political action committees. The latest effort marks the third national Tea Party tour that will bring citizen activism against Obama's healthcare plan as well as continued opposition against out-of-control spending, higher taxes, bailouts and the "Cap & Trade" global warming fiasco.

We are honored to now be able to present to you the first sneak peak of the Tea Party Express III tour route:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Tea Party Express is Back for Part III !!!

Mark your calendars for March 27th - April 15th ... the Tea Party Express is back!

CNN has the early scoop on Tea Party Express III:

Human Events: What the Tea Party movement means to conservatives

The Chief Strategist for the Tea Party Express, Sal Russo, penned a column on the tea party movement for the popular conservative website, - Please take a moment to read Mr. Russo's column and share it with others who might also be interested: