Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Joe The Plumber Joins Us for Cheyenne Tea Party Express Rally

We made arrangements to bring out Joe The Plumber for our rallies in Colorado (Ft. Collins and Denver). However, we were blessed to have him arrive at our Cheyenne rally in time to speak there. We learned the logistics would work out about 45 minutes before the rally so we scrambled to alert the media and local Wyoming patriots.

Here are some of the pictures from the great event!


  1. I heard Joe speak he is right on the button. You go Joe. And thank you for all that you have said to us American , we love you Joe for speaking out. Yhank you From Dawn Denniston

  2. Very well organized and lots of great folks. 1 anti conservative using very foul language, and I want to commend the young man that finally put this person in his place. Didn't tell him to stop talking, but he certainly convinced this person to stop with the vulgarities around the woman present. I applaud you sir, and thank you for restraining yourself. Once again, wonderful experience Tea Party Express II.

  3. I am also very pleased that Tea Party Express will roll on, in the wake of the violent attack on Fort Hood. God Bless our troops, and my prayers are with the families of all those that willingly serve to protect our freedoms, and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. I also salute Mr Gladney, a true American patriot. Just a wonderful young man that stands for his convictions. Thank you all that participated. Freedom isn't free, it requires sacrifice.

  4. I want to shout this from the rooftops: OBAMA IS NOT THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT. hE IS ONLY 6% BLACK, 44% ARAB AND A whopping 50% WHITE!!!

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    I enjoy thinking about his being 50% white all the time.