Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wow!!! Brenham, TX "Whistle Stop" is Huge!

Hi everyone, I have to get you all caught up with the reports from our rallies in Lubbock, Abilene, Waco (Whistle Stop) and Austin.

But today has started off with a huge bang!

Washington - can you hear the people of Brenham, TX? Because they have a message for you: they've had enough with you ignoring them and pushing through a socialistic agenda of big government.

We were only going to do a quick meet-and-greet with shaking some hands and saying hello to the folks of Brenham - a true "whistle stop" that was a quick in-and-out.

But something happened on the way to Brenham - several hundred people turned out in this small, sleepy town. So we brought out Deborah, Mark, William Owens and Lloyd Marcus for a quick Tea Party Express rally. People came up to us with tears in their eyes and thanked us so much for taking the time to come to their little community and rally the people together.

We'll have more later!


  1. Michael Moore is psychopathic and a repulsive Liberal and helping Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi shove Socialism down our throat. Michael Moore is representative of Obama and his administration. Socialism will fail, Capitalism will prevail, and we will never acquiesce to losing our FREEDOM to a DICTATORSHIP. This Democrat Party and Obama administration is very adamant in their attempt for a Government take over. We must stop this repulsive liberal administration.

  2. The Liberals better wake up, because we sure have!!! We are not going to go away quietly into the night!! I was on the phone this morning to Washington to speak with Texas Dist.06;s Joe Barton. He wasn't able to talk to me, but his secretary told me that the rumor that the Dem's may have enough votes to ram through the health bill was not confirmed at all. Some of the Dem's are doing what they do well and that is hurl hot air to try and bluff us out. Well, this aint no poker game! It is our lives and that of our children and we will not give in to hot air!Listen to us now or you will hear from us in '10 as the voting levers are flipped.