Monday, November 2, 2009

On The Road With Jim Dutra - Day 3

I am sitting in the warm and cozy convention hall of Tonopah, Nevada. It was a brisk morn and there are light snow flurries. And while we arrived to the motel after midnight all were up and into the buses on time.

One of our troupe, Diana Nagyn, left after yesterday's rally in Fresno to sing at an event on the USS Hornet last nite but will rendevous with us in Hawthorne, NV - which is our next stop. -- at least that is the logistical plan. Diana hails from NYC but is an enthusiastic entertainer for the troops. She recounts during each rally that her uncle died in WWII on V-E day while flying a mission. She does all this in his memory as well as for her family and neighbors.

Inside here at the Tonopah Convention Center we have an energetic group of several hundred people. I suppose there is not one person in attendance to this Tea Party rally who supports Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada).

One thing that strikes any traveller through Nevada -- especially in the rural areas -- is Nevadans' sense of their history which they proudly display everywhere. And there is a big poster inside the center of the movie, The Last Picture Show, which was filmed here in Tonopah.
Some of us even got to meet Ripley's Believe It or Not's "Cat Man." Mark Williams, one of our rally speakers, was particularly excited to shake the Cat Man's hand.

Mark Williams, a nationally recognized radio talk show personality, told me of his conversation with his waitress this morn. She said the whole town of Tonopah knew America's stealth fighter development was being done in their area. But the whole town kept it secret until it's first flight. The crew signed a thank you to the town for keeping the faith. Mark had tears in his eyes when he recounted the story he just heard.

From my perspective I find it hard to believe that a state like Nevada would continue to support the re-election of their senior senator, Mr. Reid. A person from the crowd shouted out during the rally -- Defeat Reid for the good of the nation. Here in Tonnpah they are well on their way.

Now on to Hawthorne and Fallon, NV today.
UPDATE: Whistlestop. Not sure how far back that goes into American politics but we did one in Hawthorne NV, population 3,200 right on state route 95, the major road tween Vegas and Reno.

As we pull up to the north side of town just across from the firehouse and kiddy-corner from McDonalds, there are 100 people waiting for us. Amazing.

Two of Harry Reid's many opponents were at the whistlestop -- Sharron Angle and Bill Parsons. Needless to say they gave Reid hell -- like old Harry Truman -- and the crowd went wild. My suspicion is Reid has little suport in rural Nevada. The former trial lawyer Reid obviously hopes the urban centers of Reno and Las Vegas will pull him through.

And yes Diana Nagy successfully returned. Her parents drove her back from Alameda. I was a little surprised they made it. In fact they were in Hawthorne before we arrived! Good going folks.

Diana was on the USS Hornet to honor the first responders swat teams from all over the world, there to compete in games and otherwise hone their skills.

We are about 30 miles out from Fallon, our next Tea Party Express rally and looking to pick up a motorcycle escort in about 15 minutes.

Also eating McDonalds for the first time. Remember it being kiddy-corner. Joe and Levi surprised both busses by getting Big Macs from across the street. But bad news the blue bus broke a belt. Everyone but Sal, Joe, Amy Schroeder and Levi are noe on our bus to Fallon. Sal just called to say they are back road-worthy...bout half hour behind us now. Tea Party Express rocks.

J C Dutra


  1. Harry Reid is a snake keeping quiet getting ready to spew his venom on the American people. Three Hundred Million people in the United States will be controlled by just 51 people in the United States Senate that are sneaking around behind closed doors making deals. These crooks have made millions over the years making deals. We must vote them out of office.

  2. Excellent post! Keep them coming!

  3. You need a headline with link directly to this post. I was trying to share and could not.

  4. How many House Democrat's will follow Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer over the cliff in 2010? We will see a HUGE TRANSITION in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES in 2010. This 111th Congress are not "WISDOM KEEPERS" but "STUPIDITY KEEPERS" INSTEAD.

  5. Win or Lose the elections in NewJersey, New York, and Virginia is a clear "REJECTION" of Obama and his Band of corrupt czars and Administration, but also a very clear win for the TEA PARTY EXPRESS. My compulsion to comment on the TPX is so strong I just can't STOP, so please allow me this moment in my life Thank You.

  6. Cordell, I enjoy reading your post. Mainly because they are also my feelings. I am sure they are just the feelings of all that support the Tea Party Express and the Tea Party movement. We are just ordinary people that do not like the way our country is headed. Your support is greatly appreciated by all of us.

  7. The Health Care Reform Bill is so ambiguous no one will understand exactly what it means until lawyers in Supreme Court can establish a precedent for each and every clause. Congress members had their lawyers to choose the language they wanted to establish the intent and purpose needed to assure the Government is in full control of your health care provider.

  8. I am so proud of your efforts, and wish that I could abandon my teaching and join you. I am a proud descendent of John Adams, and believe that there is nothing more important than our freedom, and self-determination in every aspect of our lives. My health is excellent at 70, and I make a valuable daily contribution to my community and the lives that I touch. The government cannot be allowed to make health care/life and death decisions for me, or any citizen of this wonderful country. America was taken in by a handsome face and a smooth talker. We can't allow this mistake to destroy our country! I will help when and if I can. Bless you!

  9. Congratulations to all in the Tea Party Express, we have made a lot of changes and sent a very strong message to Pelosi and Reid. STOP THE SPENDING!