Monday, November 2, 2009

The Beautiful Patriots of Bozeman Turn Out in Force!

After our rally in Helena, MT we continued on to Bozeman, MT. We went to Bozeman in response to pleas from local tea party activists who urged us to come and visit their community. So that is what we did. And boy, are we sure glad we did!

We held our rally at the Heritage Christian School Gymanisum. When we arrived I ran into a woman outside who was a devout supporter of Barack Obama and was not keen on we "tea baggers." She thought the opposition to Obama was based on race since he was America's first black president. She had come from an "anti-hate" rally and seemed frustrated by her belief that our effort and movement was based on "hate." She was civil and conscientious, but just couldn't grasp why Americans were so frustrated with Congress and the Obama administration. In her mind the problems America faced were because of President Bush, and Obama's big-government, massive spending, quasi-socialistic policies were just what this nation needed.

I was ready to head inside, so that's what I did.

The rally was great, and we were in awe of the hard work, energy and cooperative nature of Bozeman tea party organizer, Henry Kriegel. Here are some pictures:

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