Monday, November 2, 2009

Trip Report From Day 2

Well everyone we are on the bus heading over the Tioga Pass. While we are on time and the pass is clear, our tour bus drivers will have their hands full.

Ray (driver of the red bus) hails from Florida while Robert (driver of the blue bus) is out of SoCal. I'm on the Reagan bus with Ray. I don't need to tell you I give him my total respect and attention.

Fresno at 1:30 was bright and hot. But it did not diminish the enthusiasm of the rally. Kenneth Gladney, one of our speakers who highlights how SEIU beat him up at a Town Hall forum where he was selling his Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me" flags, was experiencing the full heat of central California. I kidded him for his perspiration as he hails from St Louis. Ok. I'm embellishing. He was cool on the outdoor stage. But he always lends a hand to our crew in breaking down and loading the stage equipment. Today he was really sweating it.

Joining the speakers in Fresno were Peter Foy who is the California Chairman of Americans for Prosperity, a pro- freedom, limited government organization that champions the rights of the individual.

Foy is also a Ventura County Supervisor who has been a champion for the taxpayer. He railed today against the downright crazy water policies which are devastating farming communities in the Great Central Valley. There are several towns where unemployment is over 40 percent. Is that change we can believe in?

Foy also considered running for Governor of California as the conservative in the race.

Anyway we hope to make Tonopah, NV by midnight for a rally in the state of Harry Reid. He is not a popular figure in his own state for pushing policies contrary to his state's interests.

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