Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Huge Crowd Overflows Denver's Civic Center


Our final event yesterday was in Denver's Civic Center - and it was a HUGE event. An overflow crowd of thousands and tons and tons of media. It was an amazing grand finale event for the day, and our final rally with Joe The Plumber.

We here at the Tea Party Express would like to extend special appreciation to the efforts of Lu Ann Busse who worked hard to help bring out this crowd. Mike Holler, author of "The Constitution Made Easy" put the word out on KOA radio. We also enjoyed the participation of Brian Campbell, who is running for Congress in Colorado's 7th congressional district.

We also had approximately two-dozen counter-protestors who tried to push their way into the event and taunted our tea party supporters. Police arrested 2 of the pro-Obama demonstrators for their rowdiness and pushiness.

Check out these photos - they don't even capture the full part of the crowd!

UPDATE: Here's a report on the rally from the Freedom Images blog - READ IT HERE.


  1. Pictures send a Powerful message and these pictures are phenomenal, and so is JOE THE PLUMBER.

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  3. all i can say is WOW i hope we can keep this thing going .I hope most dems will be voted out check out this web site g.o.o.o.h. get out of our house.