Thursday, November 5, 2009

TPX Crew In Shock Over Ft. Hood Shooting

The Tea Party Express rolled into Texas today and was conducting a rally in Amarillo when we heard the first reports of the shooting at Ft. Hood Army base.

We are scheduled to have a rally at the State Capitol in Austin at 5:00 PM tomorrow - and today's news has devastated and shocked our crew. The senseless act of violence has put some of our crew in tears, and the rest of us are dazed by the developments.

It's going to be very tough to hold our event in 1/2 an hour here in Lubbock. Our embedded CNN reporter has rushed to the scene to report on this awful tragedy.

Here is the statement we put out:



FROM THE ROAD IN AMARILLO, TX – The leaders and staff of the Tea Party Express II national bus tour wishes to convey our deepest sympathy to the families and associates of those killed and wounded as a result of the tragic shooting at the Ft. Hood military base.

The Tea Party Express is currently traveling through the state of Texas – and will be in Austin tomorrow (Friday) – and the pain and shock from the tragic shooting has deeply impacted all aboard the tour. The Tea Party Express ends each and every rally with a special tribute to the military men and women serving, or who have served, their nation.

“We are still in shock at this tragedy, and are waiting to hear details as they become available. We do know that this is utterly heartbreaking, and are grief-stricken to hear of violence committed against our own soldiers at their home base.” Said Deborah Johns, Blue Star Mom and Co-Chair of the Tea Party Express.

The Tea Party Express leaders learned of the shooting while conducting a rally in Amarillo, TX while celebrating our brave men and women in uniform who have sacrificed so much for this country.


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  2. Maybe the Tea Party should take a day of rest and mourn for our fallen heroes...not only abroad but here at seems a bit callous to continue a political rally in light of the recent events at Fort Hood!

  3. Sorry, but our soldiers would not put away their vows of steel reserve. We honor them with keeping the fight for freedom going. It is being taken away from us, unless of course you haven't kept up with the news.

  4. I agree, our solders deserve our support. Honor them and have a special memorial for those dead and injured. But they need our support more now than ever.

  5. The Tea Party Express already does a tribute to our Heros, so Rally on and do something special for them on your way.

  6. We Amarilloans were delighted and honored to have you as our guests today. Please don't let the deomonic foreces for evil deter you from your honorable mission. Our brave men and women would want you to press on. Godspeed to you and the families of those heros.

  7. The senseless killing at Fort Hood has served as a reminder FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. God Bless our Military and all the Families of those in loss. My prayers are with you.

  8. I was at the Tea Party Express in Amarillo this week and I have to say that I am truly proud of all of you for traveling through this United States and fighting to keep our country free from oppression and tyranny because that is really what Obama and the Democrats are doing to this country. Please keep up the fight and keep pressing on. The devil will put tragedies and roadblocks in our way when we are serving the Lord and I feel that is really what your mission has been about. Those precious lives that were lost yesterday would not want you to quit. They have fought to make men free and your mission is to bring people together to fight an evil force here that wants to stop what they have been fighting for. God Bless All Of You. We are praying for each one of you for the Lord to bless and keep you strong. We are behind you 100 percent!!

  9. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Those of us who realize that now more than ever those freedoms deserve our all - the best effort we can muster to protect them - here at home and elsewhere in the world - know that the best way to honor our soldiers is to carry on with the good fight... so rally on TPX... rally on with respect.