Friday, November 6, 2009

Oklahoma City Rocks - Huge Rally!


Oklahoma City was fantastic. It was almost as large as the huge rally we had in Puyallup, WA. Thousands upon thousands of people packed the Capitol grounds in Oklahoma City. The local organizers were incredible people.

They worked hard. They helped put together an incredible event. There was a lot of media in attendance. And then to top it all off, after we finished the rally they took the entire Tea Party Express tour out for dinner.

Here's some of the great news coverage our rally in Oklahoma City attracted:


  1. The "Blue Dog Democrats" are DISINGENUOUS. Corruption continues in our government. This bill is the first step into Socialism and will continue until we vote them out of office. We must now focus on Senators with Credibility and Integrity if there are any.

  2. No wander when I asked Tuls organizer Randa last nilght that I need a picture from Oklahoma City tea party to add to my blog and face book she said your picture is not there!! Oklahom organizer also did not let me to talk for few second as she agreed in first place they are the same special interst who joned us to support their own sepecail interest