Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Huge Tea Party Express Rally with Cong. Joe Wilson!

We are now pleased to present a brief report and pictures from the fantastic Tea Party Express rally with Congressman Joe Wilson.

The Tea Party Express caravan left Augusta, GA after a successful morning rally attended by hundreds of supporters in spite of being pummeled by bands of heavy squalls with rain and wind. The bad weather was a result of the Tropical Storm Ida slamming into the Gulf Coast. We were hoping that we would 'outrun' the bands of rain and as we neared Beaufort, things did indeed improve.

It was cloudy, but only intermittent light sprinkles and showers. Over 1,200 people turned out for the event in spite of opposition from the office of the Mayor of Beaufort, SC who made it clear he was no fan of the tea party movement.

As our caravan arrived in the outskirts of Beaufort, SC we encountered a giant traffic jam from so many people coming out to support the tea party movement and Congressman Wilson.

Congressman Wilson was greeted like a rockstar with chants of "Let's Go Joe!" - and yes a few enthusiastic folks repeated Joe Wilson's refrain of "You Lie!" in response to mentions of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Congress as a whole.

Congressman Wilson was fantastic! What we liked best about his speech was his constant appeal to people to fight for our country in a positive manner, focusing on what makes this nation great, and what we should hope to preserve, rather than allowing the media or others to paint this movement as a negative or divisive force. We had the local state representative on hand to speak, as well as candidates for office who either currently enjoyed or were seeking support from the local tea party activists - including Congressman Joe Wilson's son, Alan, who is running for Attorney General of South Carolina.

In the middle of the rally showers moved overhead but most of the crowd stayed put. By the rally's end (as the final notes of "God Bless the USA" rang out from our team of Tea Party Express singers) the skies opened up and a fierce downpour ensued. We were so thankful the worst of the weather held off until the event was over.


  1. As South Carolinians who traveled to Augusta, GA for the Tea Party Express.....thank you!! It felt so great to be in a crowd of like-minded patriots! The rain put a damper on the gathering only as far as the crowd being smaller than we expected, but everyone who was there stayed through rain, even heavy at times. What a great program!! We bought the journal,both books, a long sleeved T-shirt and a flag! Anyone who is considering getting involved should go to one of these gatherings..... you will be so inspired!!!

  2. Pix from the Teaparty Express in Beaufort!!! www.iloveportroyalsc.com

  3. • Let your Congress People know where they stand, go to http://www.gradegov.com and you can vote on all 535 elected politicians.
    You can E-mail all the Politicians,please do.•

  4. Arrogance and money is a way of life for politicians in Washington. They are all ingratiating and corrupt. Nancy Pelosi knew exactly what the vote count would be on the Health killer Bill before the vote was called for. Bribe money used in Washington very freely comes from the tax payers.

  5. Great rally today in Beaufort. We drove from Savannah, GA to attend. Well attended, peaceful and very informative.

  6. Harry Reid is a snake keeping quiet getting ready to spew his venom on the American people. Three Hundred Million people in the United States will be controlled by just 51 people in the United States Senate that are sneaking around behind closed doors making deals. These crooks have made millions over the years making deals. We must vote them out of office.

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  8. Ok Tea Party people, check out the next step in our goal....


  9. “Political Honest Act”

    Newsflash… There’s massive corruption in Washington? Please know it exists on both sides and on top of the fence.

    Would you like to stop the corruption in your federal government? It’s very possible to do. Let me get right to the point .. I have a proposal for an amendment to the US constitution that will give America statesmen and not politicians.. It’s called the political honesty act. Interested? Do you like the sound of that? Then listen closer.
    Have you ever met your Senator or Congressman? Most often they have a special way of making you feel that there looking out for you. Remember.. That’s how they become politicians. –

    I think we all can all agree that corruption is and has been destroying the America we love.

    Over the last 100 years, monetary donations from Corporations, rich individuals, special
    interests and other organizations to our federally elected officials have been destroying the America our founders designed.

    It is the root of control that Politicians, Corporations and special interests have over
    America. If you want proof just follow the monetary donations and favors to politicians and
    you will see how nearly every political decision is arrived at, even the good decisions. Donations given to politicians is legal bribery. Later I’ll post the web sites that list these financial facts, if you happen to not believe, that there’s corruption in America.

    We can permanently stop politicians, major corporations and special interests from the further hijacking of America. We can return America back to the people, give incentives and assistance to the poor, be fair to all and finally bring back the lost middle class. I truly hope you think she’s worth saving. I certainly do.

    Please understand this is a non-partisan plan, which does not infringe on any constitutional rights like the 1st amendment nor will it involve any social agenda issues. It will work, if you care, listen and act.

    Your political leaders, corporations, wealthy organizations and very
    rich Americans (lets call them the big 4) will fight this idea with every ounce of their strength, as
    this would put an end to their life blood to wealth, power and control in America. It’s
    time to throw those greedy self-serving bums out, stop the monetary power of special interest and return statesmen, into the service of America. We will have to elect individuals that will pledge to enact this plan.

    I now present to you – The 1st draft of The Political Honesty Act – An amendment to the US constitution.

    Simply stated, politicians will no longer receive any political
    contributions, favors or 501C money (That’s hidden donations), otherwise ever again. Keep in mind those are all government approved bribes. Private donations could not be made directly to a candidate anymore, only to a qualified political party. Those funds can be released to the candidate of each party, but only to the limit of the amount available in the bank account of the party with the least funds available. Along with small, even portions from a government fund. That levels the campaign finance playground. Favors can also be stopped and the media coverage can be allowed without instituting any 1st amendment limits, fairness doctrine or other unlawful practice. I will explain further ahead. With this plan it all can be enforced while we still follow the constitution and creating incentive to run for office.

    Politicians will not vote for this. Have they ever voted themselves a paycut, limited their power or have they ever cared more about America then their own personal interests? Not since before Lincoln. So how do we get this done and yet have it still be good for America and still give politicians the incentive to want to serve us?

    Do you want to know more?

  10. Here’s how we enforce this and still create interest in the job of public service... To keep
    the incentives for statesmen and the learn-ed to seek office and to keep corruption from
    seeping in, politicians will have new wages. Their current annual salaries of $160,000
    plus are plenty of incentive for bright minds. That's 12 times the minimum wage and shall never be
    more, nor less than 12 times the minimum wage. Their benefits will end
    if they move out of the country. This is to keep them from making deals
    with corporations outside of America. Any American Corporation found to
    be donating to a politician in or out of the United States, the CEO, the
    politician and any co-conspirators would automatically be tried for
    bribery and or treason depending on the depth of the matter. The corporation will
    also be fined so heavily it will be brought to the point of bankruptcy. In addition any politician, corporate CEO's, individuals and organization leaders will also be fined to the point of
    bankruptcy. Any illegal funds traceable to others will be confiscated as well. If a
    foreign entity is involved, their right to import their products or services directly or
    through a go around distribution system to America will be halted for 50 years or taxed at such
    a great rate it won’t be worth their while, regardless of how much we depend on it.
    Our new statesmen who write political books must donate their book proceeds to charities etc..
    It would be presented as a tax.
    Remember they are on our payroll with good pay and lifetime benefits. No owning companies that benefit from any political decisions. That’s will be difficult for them to do but will keep them honest..
    These details can be discussed and adjusted to be fair, while keeping the incentives
    for honesty in place. Enforcement of this will be easy.

    Immediate family members of politicians cannot receive any compensation
    from corporations or groups benefiting from the political decisions made by
    the politician or his associates for the time the politician is in office and up to 20 years after exiting office. Of course a connection must be proven. To prevent
    these corruption violations, a special corruption task team will be paid, mainly by the incentive
    to find the links or agreements made involving the big 4. That means a bonus to the task team if a
    link is found. This job has a term limit of 4 years and the positions
    will be chosen by a lottery system of qualified law student applicants.
    Any links found including favors from one politician to another and
    proven in a court of law with a jury, will cause the receiving parties
    and the politicians instant jail time and a fine. Of course this being an ethics violation, it will be the responsibility of the representative to step down from office. Ignorance will not be
    tolerated as an excuse. In family and friend associations the politician
    will be alerted and have 5 days to correct the action if possible. If it is correctable but
    happens twice with family or friends the politician will step down.
    Anyone who reports this activity to the corruption task team, and if the
    activity is found to be true he or she will be rewarded. If it's a lie
    he or she will suffer the same fate, as would be the accused. Lets
    keep them all honest. All this forces a politician to be very very careful of his
    or her associations and decisions. You would really have to be a patriot
    to run for office.

    Political Election campaigns will be paid for by “general fund,
    party only contributions”. You cannot contribute to a particular candidate, only to
    a particular qualifying party. Any party running in a particular race will only be allowed to
    spend up to the limit of the least funded campaign of an opposing party.
    Excess funds can stay in the party account but cannot be used until they
    are matched across the board. That way the playing field is leveled for all Candidates..

    More to follow...

  11. A special bipartisan newspaper & website will be paid for and provided
    by the government to give the qualified hopeful politicians equal factual exposure.
    Genuine newspapers, as a public service, will have to insert this in their papers
    and websites by law with government compensation. This is a way to institute an
    inkling of honesty in their publications. Genuine radio news programs will have to do the same
    by running a government compensated fact announcement commercial giving
    a fair shake to politicians of all parties. The so called fairness doctrine is not
    necessary, as it is an infringement on the 1st amendment. News outlets will
    have to declare their program a commentary entertainment program or a genuine
    news broadcast, before each broadcast, so viewers will understand what they are
    watching or listening to. Furthermore the so-called genuine news media will be
    under extreme scrutiny for favors to or from politicians. A bi-partisan lottery
    selected government paid panel, will access the particular slant of media outlets
    and this will be published in a government news release on a regular basis and
    must be identified by the broadcaster before each broadcast, issue, web page
    etc. This is to let the public be aware of who or what the slant is for, so you'll
    know what you’re watching. 1st amendment rights are not infringed but enhanced.

    Terms limits for the Congress & Senate. - 3 terms maximum. The
    Congressman or Senator leaving office will continue on as an assistant for
    6 months to help the newly elected official adjust and get up to speed on ongoing
    projects. Once an official has finished their service they will be part of an
    advisory panel, available to assist future politicians upon request for
    up to 10 years. That’s 40 hour weeks for 10 months each year if so required
    after leaving office with partial pay, based on the hours. A return to office
    will not be accepted and a realistic retirement program will be instituted being their
    job opportunities will somewhat be curtailed. Now they can enjoy the profits of their books.

    Voting on extremely divided issues will be done by individual Americans. Politicians will be reduced
    to the position of public advisors, debaters, advocates and voting
    exactly as their constituents tell them on those issues, as we now live in the electronic age where this type of voting may be very possible. Statesmen will also have the ability to vote for or against wars, as they will now mostly be trustable to do the right thing. Citizens all must take an 8th grade
    level, bi-partisan course by voting age, to teach them basic constitutional ethics
    and civic responsibility. This and voting will have tax advantages.

    Congress will not vote for this. As I mentioned earlier they would fight this with every ounce
    of their strength. - We would need many to
    run for office just to change this law. We need good, honest, bright Americans to run for the new congress and senate seats just to add this amendment. Everyone has skeletons of sorts in their closets. May I suggest if you decide to take up this effort that you open the doors to your closet and get it out in the open. Honesty is so important. If your skeleton is not everyone’s business like having sex with an intern, then say you made a mistake, but the details are not the publics business. I would like to see us require that anybody who runs for office must sign an agreement saying they will vote for this in it’s final legal form or we the people will not even consider you at the ballot box. These ideas are just a first draft and if others with better ideas would like to contribute and discuss this, I would love to here from you.

    More to follow....

  12. Additional concepts to empower America:

    Politicians must be held to higher standards. If a politician has been
    convicted for a misdemeanor crime involving dishonesty he or she will not be allowed
    to ever serve in congress or the senate. Let us measure their deeds not
    their words.

    Capitalism is greedy by nature, made America great and is the engine of modern
    progress. Without it we would be a stagnant bunch of robots, ruled by rich government officials.
    Look at the leaders of socialist nations and their lack of individual prosperity and personal freedoms. This being said, corporations must have well thought out government regulations,
    that which causes them to act morally. Over regulation causes them to not to want to do business and
    allows our greedy politicians to reduce America to transnationalism (having people whom you don’t vote for at the UN, telling you what to do), socialism, marxism or even worse. It is nearly impossible for a politician in this bribery climate to operate with honesty. It’s just simple human nature and is a reflection of whom we are. Incentives for corporate greed must end. Instead of fixing capitalism during this manufactured crisis’s, we are rushing in with unread socialized programs, all this, to be run, by our so very honest government. When you give the kind of government we have, the whole program, it comes with very deep costs to your liberties, personal growth incentives and your pockets. It’s not necessary to lose all of that. We have put in place regulations on capitalism, that have done exactly the opposite of what we need. Our poorly thought out dishonest government designed regulations have removed the positive incentives corporations should have to help the impoverished become empowered. In doing so they have lined the pockets of the big 4, all on the backs of the poor and middle class. We need well thought out legal, constitutional regulations and incentives for the big 4, to do the right thing and you will see a strong and passionate America once again. That’s the change we need, not an attack on America’s foundation, “capitalism”. Wake up America, you’ve been progressively hijacked by both parties. Don’t divide us but unite us. It’s easy to be a part of class warfare bandwagon but it’s counter productive to attack the wealthy as you also attack your own, or your children’s possible future. It all can be accomplished with force, of honesty.

    Change the IRS as it now exists. Institute a consumption tax on goods and services
    that is fair. That would be a tax on what you buy. Rich people and businesses spend more in dollars so obviously their tax amount will be higher. If the rich somehow consume less, which
    I doubt, then adjust the curve so the percentage of consumption covers a better share of it. Poor people obviously consume less so their tax amount will
    conversely be less. No more complicated tax laws or loop holes for the rich or for the
    corporations. No more federal tax - exempt status for any organization, except a government entity. With regard to state taxes, that should be left to the states to decide who pays property taxes etc. Taxes are necessary and should be simple and fair to all Americans. Currently the tax code is a hidden welfare plan for the poor, as evident by tax refunds in excess of what they may have paid originally. It’s also a way for the wealthy or the big 4 to escape their fair share. CPA’s can be now be government approved auditors. The scaled down IRS can oversee this process.

    Henry Ford said this about our privately owned financial institution called the FED… "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe
    there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

    More to follow...

  13. On “Jobs back to America” - American corporations who enjoy the benefits of
    sales in America yet employ workers overseas will be taxed on those jobs
    at a rate where it behooves them to bring those jobs back here to
    America. Think of all the political contribution money that they will be
    saving with the Political Honesty Act in place. A tariff on goods imported should
    be brought back to even the score. Call it a carbon footprint tax being we will have to pay one on goods made here being manufacturers are not paying it there. Now if they pay their workers more, we can
    lower the tariff. That would encourage overseas wages to increase, raising the costs of imported goods, whereby leveling the playing ground. No more incentives to take their business out of the country. We are not an economic superpower with manufacturing anymore. The rest of the world has caught up and surpassed us in this area. The playing field has tipped in their low pay scale favor, not in ours anymore. Manufacturing was the engine of our economy, and that is what had made us, so great.

    Return our monetary system back to the gold standard and add silver to it. Our money is worthless.

    More to follow ....

  14. Energy for America - Solar, wind and wave action must be used to make
    hydrogen. Hydrogen has a positive impact on the environment, it actually
    cleans the air and water as you use it. I should know, as my car is a hydrogen
    hybrid of my own making. We have the technology and the resources. A US energy bond must be created to build this government owned, by the people, infrastructure, which in turn, would be the greatest public works project since the great wall of China. Do you hear jobs, when we need them the most? Once the bond is paid for (say 15 years), the hydrogen should be allocated for residences, with limits, for free. This technology is cheap and can give us complete independence from foreign oil. Fact - All cars and trucks on American roads today, can easily be converted to use hydrogen for fuel as well as power plants and
    generators in your home. Don't be duped, power for charging batteries is currently
    made mostly with fossil fuels and nuclear technology down at the local power plant. Electricity gets lost if not used on power lines. Wind power is made by friends of President Obama (G.E.) etc., just like oil was the friend of President Bush. Don't be duped America. Open your eyes and see the truth.

    When a controversial social idea divides Americans by anything close to a 50 - 50 split, then the people should have the decision to vote, if the decision should be given back to individual states. Thus giving back the rights to states, that have been slowly eroded away.

    On GOD - Whoever that is to you, not a particular religion as the
    constitution states, must be allowed back into America! Non-denominational prayer should be allowed at public events and schools. Those who oppose the prayer at a particular event will contact the event managers ahead of time to cast their no vote the democratic way. Our government was based on these moral virtues and blessings that have been “endowed to us by our creator”. This natural law should not be forgotten. You can still have a separation of church & state, just leave your God in there, whomever that is to you. Maybe the word God in public places should be substituted with the word Creator to reflect the times. It seems to me that an atheist or agnostic quite possibly believes, that nature is the creator.

    - The Political Honesty Act - The return of Statesmen and the end of political
    and corporate corruption in America

    Something a very wise man said over 200 years ago…

    - On compensation for politicians.. "And what kind are
    the men that will strive for this profitable preeminence.... It will not
    be the wise and moderate, the lovers of peace and good order, the men
    fittest for the trust, it will be the bold and the violent, the men of
    strong passions and indefatigable (def. non- tiring) activity in their
    selfish pursuits."

    That man was Benjamin Franklin one of our founding fathers. A statesmen like we no longer have. Can you name one politician today who is ½ as smart as he was? Isn’t that a shame how we have so digressed.

    There's much more folks but I believe this is a good start and I thank you for listening... Visit the website www. XXXX For the transcript of this dialog. I’m suggesting a new party be started, maybe called the Founders party, Patriot Party or just the Tea Party..

    May the Creator bless you and bless America.
    Frank LoCascio

  15. Oops I think I posted this in the wrong place... Sorry folks.. Regardless let me know if this was at all viable if you read it. Thanks

  16. We must keep the INTENSITY of the Tea Party movement foremost and contribute to the cost. The Tea Party Express has built an enormous voting machine with millions of members to keep it running and will be ready to "Take our country Back" in 11 more months. We will never acquiesce to SOCIALISM our corrupt Government is trying to shove down our throat.

  17. On Change the IRS as it now exists. Institute a consumption tax on goods and services
    that is fair. That would be a tax on what you buy.
    This is known as The FairTax. look into it.

  18. I found a website that has a lot of solutions for flipping the members of Congress, check it out:

  19. I want to thank all fellow Americans, who gave so much of themselves to travel across this great nation, and allow us, just regular folks, to be part of the "Tea Party " movement.
    I know, at times, you felt like you were "preaching to the choir", but you energized us.
    I will not stop talking to people, signing petitions, contacting officials, and anything else I can think of, until we take back our country.
    Thank you, again TEA PARTY EXPRESS