Friday, October 30, 2009

We just arrived at our Portland event!


We just pulled into Portland. It's cloudy and cool, but not raining right now. We arrived 30 minutes early - YAY! Nice not to be late. There's a good-sized crowd already and it's growing by the minute. Portland is going to be a great event! More soon. Mark Williams and Deborah Johns are now speaking.

There's a good turnout of media in addition to the hundreds of people on hand. Jeff Kemp of Americans for Prosperity is going to try to call in to Lars Larson's radio show and have his speech to the crowd broadcast live. The logistics of things like this are always tricky, but we'll try to make it work!

UPDATE 1: Portland's ABC affiliate KATU reports "Hundreds Rally for Lower Taxes as Part of Tea Party Express." See their report - HERE.


  1. The Rats and the RINOs all thought that after the 9-12 TPE Rally in DC, we would all go home and forget about how they were trying to ram more and more spending, more and more taxes and more and more government control over our lives, down our throats. Wow, were they wrong!

    You guys are sending a loud and clear message to the DC tax and spend crowd and that is that if you vote to increase the size of government, even for the best reasons, we will vote you out, regardless of those reasons or party affiliation.

  2. The Pictures are Beautiful and right now millions of people that were unable to share this moment in time can have a warm heart and a great BIG SMILE. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

  3. I agree with Cordell. I was able to attend Bakersfield and Fresno. But your tour can show America that we will not be forgotten nor forget. Be safe and have a great tour.

  4. I wish I could be there. Let me know if you make it out to Hawaii. I found some great anti obama shirts that I'd love to wear to a rally.

  5. Victor, since you are in Hawaii, if you can figure out a way to get B. Hussein Obama's real registration of live birth, showing that he was not born in the USA and make it public, I'm sure that the Express will find a way to drive those busses across the water to Hawaii, just for you. 8^)

  6. I also wish I was there,I was there on 9/12 tea party at pioneer court square was great



  7. My wife and I braved the traffic to attend (we live across the river in Washington). We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Very motovational and inspiring to see that many people in Portland, of all places, turn out to support the TEA Party's.

    I'm glad ya'll made it up this way and hope the rest of the tour goes as well.

    Oh yes, on the recommendation to buy from Michael's, we couldn't get in the door but will go back and thank them for the use of the parking lot with a purchase (and a verbal thank you).

    Thanks again for visiting Portland, loved the afternoon.

  8. I too had a wonderful time at the Portland event. It was very inspirational. Thanks so much for coming through out neck-o-the-woods!

    I was one of the 3 following you up I-5 toward Puyallup. Planned to go all the way to that event but ran out of steam and headed home.

  9. ActionAmerica: That was a great post you made (that first one).

    You are so right.

    After April 15th the politicians and many in the media dismissed the tea party movement and said it wasn't going anywhere.

    Then we did the Tea Party Express and it ended in D.C. at the big 9/12 event that FreedomWorks organized in conjuction with dozens of other groups. And the politicians and many in the media said the tea party movement was over.

    Well, guess what - they better get the message: WE'RE NOT GOING AWAY and we're NOT GOING TO BE SILENT!

    November 2010 is coming, dear politicians. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

  10. I'm going to use the following line suggested at the tea party on all my correspondence from now on...

    We'll remember in November!

  11. I cannot say this strongly enough, all trips shoud end in Washington DC!!

    We are in a battle for the Republic! Is is the seat of our government!