Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hawthorne & Fallon are Fantastic Events!

Good evening everyone!

Above: Deborah Johns speaks in front of one of the Tea Party Express II buses in Fallon, NV.

What a fantastic day. We wrote about the terrific rally to start the day in Tonopah. And then we headed on to our "Whistle Stop" rally in Hawthorne. A "Whistle Stop" is what we call a short rally where we don't do a full program. We've added this Hawthorne event after our official schedule of cities was finalized because local supporters pleaded with us to stop - since it was on the way from our Tonopah, NV to Fallon, NV events.

So we pull up to Hawthorne (population is 3,000 - yes you read that correctly) and we had about 100 people on hand for a Whistle Stop that was organized in just a few days time, in a very small town. It was COLD and WINDY - and more snowflakes fell en route to the rally and again as we left.

The blue bus needed some mechanical repair work and so we sent the red bus off with our speakers and entertainers to our final event of the day in Fallon, NV. Wow! In a city of just 7,000 people, more than 500 turned out despite temperatures that dipped into the mid-30's by the rally's end. Here's a picture of just one sliver of the crowd which spanned in a hemisphere all around the stage.

UPDATE 1: The Lahontan Valley News reports on the Tea Party Express and tea party movement as we pulled into Fallon - HERE.


  1. Great article from the Lahontan Valley News linked up there below the photo. Way to go Hawthorne and Fallon! You did us proud!

  2. Harry Reid is a snake keeping quiet getting ready to spew his venom on the American people. Three Hundred Million people in the United States will be controlled by just 51 people in the United States Senate that are sneaking around behind closed doors making deals. These crooks have made millions over the years making deals. We must vote them out of office.

  3. A sliver of the crowd? Yeah, right! Why do you have to make things up. Why didn't you take more photos to show the ENTIRE crowd? Why? Because nobody showed up! Also, in L.A. you said there was a traffic jam because of your event? 500 people can't create a traffic jam. There was a traffic jam because there was a road closure in the park.

    Why don't you post photos from your Bakersfield and Fresno events? Why? Because only 30 people showed up in Bakersfield and only 80 people showed up in Fresno. That is truly sad because Howard Kallogian, the founder of your PAC is from Fresno. He couldn't even get his own mama there!

  4. For those that say the pictures and figures are wrong. I attended both the Bakersfield and Fresno Parties. Bakersfield was bigger than Fresno. It was a weekday. The notice of the location was short. I also know for a fact that there was a dispute movement from the local Tea Party to not show up. What might be internal differences should not be the program. This is a national Tour. Their message is, It is not Left or Right or the Middle. Educate yourselves and vote your heart. Unite together or divided we will fail.