Monday, October 12, 2009


All throughout the recent Tea Party Express national tour we kept receiving emails and phone calls from people around the nation who lived far away from the route our buses took across America. We vowed at the time to keep the Tea Party Express effort alive – and that’s exactly what we are doing.

It is our pleasure to announce the “Tea Party Express: Countdown to Judgment Day” which will cross the nation from coast-to-coast, border-to-border October 25th – November 11th — 1 year ahead of the November 2010 congressional elections… or as our Czarina of the tea party movement, Amy Kremer, likes to refer to as “Judgment Day.” The Tea Party Express will kick-off the tour with a rally in San Diego, California on October 25th and wind up the tour with a rally in Orlando, Florida on November 11th (Veteran’s Day). We’ve just posted the new tour map and itinerary (with the dates of rallies in each city) at our website:

This won’t just be a continuation of the tour we just completed. We will be having a lot of special surprises and additions as we grow this effort — and continue the fight against government-run healthcare, Cap & Trade, bailouts, out-of-control deficit spending and the growth in the size and intrusiveness of government.

We’ll be publishing the specific itinerary and schedule in the coming days at our website:

For now, here’s the route we’ve planned out – so mark your calendars, spread the news to your friends, and get ready to rock America! If Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid thought that after 9/12 we’d just go away and give up well then we have some bad news for them. We’re back, better than ever, and determined to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!


  1. I am in Orlando on the day of arrivalof the Express.

    Please provide street address of the event.

  2. We are from rural Western North Carolina and we will be in Atlanta when you arrive!! Go Patriots!

  3. We hope to see you in Orlando and we are very excited, will follow you all the way, good luck and stay safe.

  4. Do we just show up? Bring signs? Are kids welcome to attend as well?

  5. Hi all,
    We are from Maine. We are planning right now to figure out a way to join the tour.
    it will mean just doing it no matter what.
    i just finished writing my book"An American Conversation' and dedicated it to AG Eric Holder for calling us all cowards for not having a conversation about race!
    Its live tomorrow.' and type in title.
    Karen and I are putting together the logistics to catch up to the tour around the 28th of October.
    Thank you all for your courage.

  6. I'm going to Orlando! woohoo! All you folks that are cold and need to warm up, come on down to sunny Florida!! We'd love to have you and will give you a warm welcome! Jacksonville or Orlando. Now gotta go make some signs!! Let's get out there and let them know we mean business in 2010 and 2012!!!!! I'm making a list and checking it twice to vote out any politician that votes to spend more of my taxpayer dollars!! We might not be able to make them LISTEN, but we can control the consequences!

  7. Orlando, FL

    Orlando, FL is our 37th stop on the Tea Party Express national bus tour.


    Thursday, November 12th at 6:00 pm

    Rally Location:
    Lake Eola Park
    195 N Rosalind Ave
    Orlando, FL 32801
    Sponsored by Momentum Radio

    to find addresses for locations, go to, on the right click on the location and there is the address and info, including a flyer. spread the word!!