Saturday, December 5, 2009

Human Events: What the Tea Party movement means to conservatives

The Chief Strategist for the Tea Party Express, Sal Russo, penned a column on the tea party movement for the popular conservative website, - Please take a moment to read Mr. Russo's column and share it with others who might also be interested:

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  1. Hello folks, I have followed the tea party express since they began the fight. I hope that they will help to set-up a new 3rd party to give America the representation that has been lacking for so long. The dems and the repubs have had their own agenda for so long and haven`t represented us at all exept to tell us that we need another program or we won`t be able to live. Now the country is bankrupt and they still blow our money.Iam glad that when i`m with ya`ll at the rallies I`m not alone as I`ve felt so many yrs. that there`re others that feel the same and suprising enough we`re the majority. Hang tough as I feel this so far from over, that this may have to happen by force. This is an agenda by the dems(hippies) have been pushing for yrs. and I`m not sure that we haven`t let them get too far toward the revolution of socialism that they have been working toward for many yrs. They control so many offices now I don`t know that they can be stopped even with a hard slap down now. I wish us luck that it won`t take force ,but remember we are the majority. Your friend and supporter Brian