Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Tea Party Express is Back for Part III !!!

Mark your calendars for March 27th - April 15th ... the Tea Party Express is back!

CNN has the early scoop on Tea Party Express III:


  1. The Tea Party Movement is being recognized as a Third Party; We have the attention of career Politicians. Many Politicians called us bad names and made it perfectley clear they don't want our vote. We are making it perfectley clear they wont get our vote. There will be many trying to beg for our vote in 2010.

  2. I gave you a grade of F. Harry Reid, You are an IDIOT! You need to retire today and make a concerted effort to get help; Your BRAIN has you very confused and Erratic. Your radical behavior cannot be tolerated any longer. Obama has turned you into a complete Moron. You and others actually believe you will be "HISTORICAL HEROES" by getting this Idiotic Health care reform bill passed. WE THE PEOPLE object to this Reform Bill, Cap & Trade, and the (wanna-be) President Obama. Do it today! Check yourself into a Mental Institution and then you will be a Patriot.

  3. When I listen to career politicians I know it is Propaganda, most of the news from MSNBC is a LIE, except when Chris Mathews gets tingles up his leg. CBS has never told the truth, and ABC is not for the news. CNN was going broke and hopes to get some viewers from the Tea Party Movement which is the only ones I believe in; I totally support the Tea Party Express. I pray Fox News will go back to reporting on corrupt politicians as they did in the past

  4. Nonpartisan (neutral-uncommitted) voters speak softly and CARRY A BIG STICK.

    Politicians pay close attention to the number of Democr

    Stay well,

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  5. When we are ready to camp on the mall and surround the capitol in the numbers required.... for as long as it takes to get their attention, we are wasting time and money.

    When we are ready to commit to me. My money and efforts will be available.