Monday, March 29, 2010

An inspirational report - from Nevada family at Searchlight

Well, we decided it was time to go to a Tea Party. The bank and Wall Street bailouts, takeover of auto companies, and now the health care bill.

We have never been fans of Harry Reid but, he used to be more of a moderate. Now he has lost his soul – his Nevada roots have been replaced by East Coast liberal values and the arrogance of Washington DC.

We bought three new lawn chairs, hauled out the rolling tote/suitcase to put our cooler full of chicken drumsticks and chicken wings, boiled eggs, tuna salad, crackers, apples, oranges, pears and drinks, etc.)

Left our house about 9:30 am and headed for Searchlight (about 1 hour from our house). Took the Searchlight turnoff and gradually slowed down and joined the others heading down the road. By then the highway was a long creeping parking lot – 2 miles in 1 hr. The radio said that the highway patrol was not allowing any more cars into the event area.. 3 miles from the turnoff – people were parallel parking along the highway – and were walking to the turnoff. Then walking another 2 ½ miles to the event site. Plus they were lugging totes, coolers, flags and signs. All ages – all colors – all sizes.

News helicopters were flying overhead – and press vans were cruising down the center divider, filming.

Husband Phil had his cart to ride – there were doubts he would be able to negotiate the gravel road or the desert dirt. Lana and I were not up to the long trek. But, we added to the mass – many others were doing the same. Some had not considered that Searchlight is about 10-12 degrees cooler than Las Vegas or Henderson. It was around 58 degrees and very windy. SO - many of them didn’t come prepared and didn’t hang around.

The return route was bumper to bumper. So, we drove on through Searchlight and took Rt. 164 over to Nipton, CA and stopped at the Oasis CafĂ© for lunch. Crazy little place that was planked together with barn wood when the railroad was built. Hamburgers wrapped in tortillas. Lana and I opted for patty melts on rye. The place is small – probably seats
about 25 inside. Tea Party people were in there – they had all given up and were heading to Vegas. So we went on to Primm, NV - south of the Las Vegas Strip. It was a loop around but much faster getting back home to Henderson.
Had our own picnic back home and tuned in to Fox News.

We learned that people started showing up in Searchlight in the middle of the night - RV city – I figure the crowd was probably 10,000 plus another 10,000 who went but couldn’t handle the walk, cold weather, wind, etc.

Can’t tell you how many people “wanted to go”, “thought about going”, etc.

Gotta go find me a “DUMP REID” sign.

The XXXXX Family – Henderson, NV



    Going John Gault on the Press




    Dear America,

    This e-mail is a cry for help. In this website I expose a Federal Conspiracy lead by President Clinton and the People’s Republic of China whom are guilty of conceiving a system to steal from America and it is this system that is destroying the United States economy. We have all witnessed the great advancement in technology such as the internet, computers, software, cell phones, credit cards, NASA, and other information technologies. However, the development and control of these technologies are the result of back door government agreements from which President Clinton and the People’s Republic of China have utilized to defraud the American people.

    The United States is bankrupt and has an unfunded liability (dept) of $72 trillion, thus no way to pay it (Burns and Kotikoff). According to Professor Laurence J. Kotikoff, Chairman of the Department of Economics at Boston, he states, “I believe the United States is poised on the edge of a financial precipice; if our leaders fail to restore a sound monetary system, our country will plunge into fiscal chaos, and we will lose our freedom” (Burns and Kotikoff).
    American’s are being betrayed. We must fight against the corruption and protect our individual human rights and equal justice for all; enforce the laws of this great country and the integrity of our public officials, “We will not stand by or be aloof. We will move…It is the law’ (Robert F. Kennedy 64th Attorney General of the United States).

    America will face a Russian Revolution or Holocaust if we the people of America do not stand up and fight for the United States Constitution. Indeed, a Communist takeover or an overthrown of the American Government deems secured.

    Please pick up the phone and call our representatives and speak up -- right now. But don't stop there. Forward this email widely. The Congressional switchboard number -- (202) 224-3121.

    Dionne Heilman

  4. The XXXXX Family..excellent report.

    You expressed my sentiments exactly..It was a great event. I kind of wished we had parked along the side of the road and hiked in. It took more than 3 hours to get back out to the road.
    The Lame stream medias reports of the numbers was a joke.
    We also cut over on 164 thru Nipton. It was my Son's first Tea Party and 1st time in California.
    Again Major Kudos to TPX 3 for hosting such a great event,