Monday, March 22, 2010

35,000+ Demand: "REPEAL THE BILL!"

Sign the petition to demand the repeal of the government-run healthcare bill passed by Congress:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has now introduced legislation to "Repeal the Bill" - so show your support. Sign the petition and pass along to others:


  1. Hi, my name is Rachelle Friberg. I run the blog and I am the co-host of a show on blog talk radio called "The People's Post. I am so excited to be attending the tea party express events this weekend in Nevada! I am going to be covering the tea party for my blog, my radio show, as well as for @palintwibe and @sarahpalinlinks on Twitter. I would like to request a press pass for the events in Nevada this weekend. Thanks for getting back to me at your earliest convenience. Rachelle Friberg

  2. The American People will not tolerate the "MAFIA TACTICS" being used by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. The congressional Democrats acquiesed to the threats made by Reid and Pelosi and passed the ""OBAMACARE-NIGHTMARE" with arrogance for the American People. This FIGHT has just begun.

  3. For starters, besides the letters and faxes to congress members who voted for the bill, how about everyone send them 'happy retirement' cards. Include notes like, 'federal funding of abortion has not been protected'; $5Bil in stim. bill for smoking cessation and fat counseling is fraud waste, and abuse'.

  4. I think that this is is a sign of worse thing to come. We in the tea party need to REALLY unite, and put some meat in what we say we believe, stop just talking and start doing some walking. When the Goverment won't listen, then why should we be a part of it?? We either fish or go home and cut bate. You guy's need to check this out at
    under gov. & politics (newest petition) ATTENTION FOR INDIANA ONLY I'm looking for people in Indiana who is sick of this whole mess. Thanks for your comments.

  5. The U.S. current health care system is idiotic.

    How do you expect a minium wage earner to pay for health insurance? Should we just go back to slavery and not provide them health care except to keep people alive during their crop picking years?

    As is done successfully in Germany and Switzerland, we should have a 15% flat tax for health care (no limit on top bracket), make the system be not-for-profit but care-for-people by well-paid flat salaried doctors and nurses and give the job of designing it to some people who know how to design complex systems (not bankers), also paid with flat high salaries.

    The people who invented the internet did so as a make-works government program. Let's put out bids to revamp the health care system to those same qualified body of engineers and mathematicians (not bankers or over-paid old-boy-and-girl school executives).

  6. Tea baggers are liars and losers.

  7. you hilbilly close minded folks should stop putting your efforts in repealing the bill that will help the poor get healthcare, stop being so selfish!!!!you are brainwashed and ignorant, go get an education!!! OBAMA rules!!!

  8. here's to free speech! the GOP has screwed up this country (thanks george) and palin's looks cannot fix it! obama is going to get us fair and cheaper health care, while you cry in your tea. give up, we will not be defeated. OBAMA RULES!

  9. I am independent and not on board with the repeal language. The tparty would be better served to discuss the strategy and tactics of changing the parts of the health bill that infringe on individual liberty, increase federal, state, and retail taxes, decrease my choices in health care, and limit my choices to obtain a student loan. The repeal language by the tparty is the same level of fluff that the Dems use by saying that the health care bill is landslide legislation for the country. Not my country.

  10. Repeal and replace with WHAT ... lets see the details of the replacement plan?

    In a couple of years, 30 million uninsured Americans will be able to get preventative care from a family doctor instead of getting very expensive care at an emergency room when they are in crisis. YOU are now paying for that emergency care with taxes and higher premiums.

    This alone will save a ton of money.

    ... and it IS more compassionate.

  11. HAHAHAHA!!!! What? Repeal? Yes republicans and like minded racists, please run on a platform of bringing back pre-existing conditions for kids and denial of coverage for millions and millions of Americans. Oh please please please make this your platform. I can think of nothing more perfect. Except maybe that platform plus Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin on the ticket. Yes, that would be perfect!

  12. The insurance companies have been spending millions and millions to convince us to vote Republican. Here's why:

    Obamacare includes these main provisions:

    1. Insurance companies are no longer allowed to turn down people with pre-existing conditions
    2. Insurance companies can no longer set lifetime limits on payouts
    3. Adult children can stay on their parents' policies until 26
    4. Everybody has to get health insurance.

    Most people like 1-3. The insurance companies *hate* 1-3.
    The insurance companies love 4. A majority of people hate 4.

    The insurance companies would love nothing better than to keep 4, and get rid of 1-3. And guess who will do it for them - Republicans. We are going to get screwed royally if we let the Republicans get control. Imagine - we will all be forced to buy insurance with absolutely no control on how much it costs or what they have to give you for it. It'll be insurance company heaven, and hell for us. Vote for Democrats!