Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giant Omaha Tea Party Closes Road!!

We just completed our Tea Party Express rally in Omaha, Nebraska. Thousands upon thousands of great patriots turned out - so many so that police had to close the entrance road to the event on account of their being too many people who wanted into the event.


  1. Ew, look at all the white people! (The first pic has quite a lot of white cars as well.)
    The Jewish Republican's Web Sanctuary

  2. Great job republicans...way to rally behind devisiveness and actually start a movement that helps your community.

    Obama just made it easier for all of you morons to get healthcare and soon your prescriptions that costs tax payers MILLIONS of dollars every year will be cheaper.

    The party you are so loyal to demonizes the democrats for passing legitimate legislation that helps more people get access to a basic human right.

    Why not do something more constructive than blocking roads during rush hour so people can get on with their day.

  3. actually Shawndy - you mention what you hope will be the outcome but offer ZERO facts or proof to back your assumptions up. It is the typical unicorn mentality of you folks. Anything He does (notice the capital H there?) is going to do nothing beyond his talking points and of course have NO indirect consequences. For example, taxing medical devices (part of this crap bill you love) will result in price increases on those devices, thus hurting consumers. How about the FSA? You used to be able to put in as much as $5000 PRE-TAX in this to cover expenses not covered by insurance. This lowered your taxable income but now thanks to this bill it is capped to $2500. You just raised taxes on millions of Americans and not just the rich. You damn moron.

  4. It's really a shame that we as Republicans or Democrats cannot simply tell the truth. Shawndy, either you have not read the bill or you didn't understand it. I can understand having trouble deciphering the legaleze, but we are losing freedoms here and burdening our children with the cost of this legislation. No one who is honest with him or herself really believes the proposed cost of this new law. I will take no pleasure in listening to you complain when the new taxes and costs hit your pocket book and your budget is blown up. I will understand that you believed in your President against all logic and evidence. I hope that I have the freedom to vote in November and in some way protect me and my family as well as you and your family. God bless us all and God bless the United States of America.

  5. The federal government wants doctors to use electronic records. Then the federal government wants access to those records.

  6. Truth! Fact! Integrity! doused with the ability to understand math and science

    A progressives worst nightmare!

    As evident by Shawndy's ignorance as illustraed by the post above.

    No wonder America has gone to the cesspool

  7. Great work all of you Tea Party Express people. Name calling gets you where? Here's a solution, vote and vote out all incumbents! This should shine a little light on a solution...see below.

  8. To my dear family, fellow Americans and Baby Boomers: For the last 30 years of our lives we all have enjoyed a good life and prosperity, in a way that allowed us to vote and be on our merry-way to work the next morning. Are those days over? Do you feel the corruption oozing from local and Federal politicians? Are you wondering why your elected politicians are ignoring you their constituencies?
    Do you know if the Federal Reserve is a private corporation or is it a NGO (Non Governmental Organization) or is it perhaps governed by and must answer to congress? Are you frustrated that your vote no longer is respected by your representatives?

    If you answered yes to most of the above questions…the good news is there are about 300 million people just like you. And it gets better, the solution is simple and easy, and it involves something you are already doing or have done. It’s not the ‘perfect’ solution however it’s one we all can do, without getting involved with the critically boring politics. Vote out ‘all’ incumbents in all elections. Yes we all prefer to have senior and seasoned representatives battling for local funds and pork, how has that worked for us?

    Who wants a bunch of freshman representatives running D.C.? You decide! Vote and vote out all incumbents, for the next few elections, let them know we are now watching, and demanding the American people be heard. The latter will get rid of the few powerful and rich politicians that are ignoring us when it comes time to draft new bills and voting accordingly.

    Please, I implore ‘all’ Americans to vote, and vote out all incumbents, it’s our last chance to return respect back to the voters, and away from the corporate sponsored government.

    Sorry, one last question, are you aware there are at a minimum of 12 G.E. employees on sabbaticals that are now in high level government positions in the Obama administration?

    Michael B.

  9. Liberals are screaming like pigs on their way to the Hog Farm, going back to the mud hole they came from. Harry Reid is grunting and stinking from all the filth and corruption he and Nancy Pelosi are guilty of behind closed doors. Muslim Obama is still running his motor mouth trying to sell his Socialist Health Care Bill that he knows will END the Democrat Party in November. WE will take our country back! The Tea Party Movement is ENORMOUS and continues to grow.

  10. It is amazing to read the comments of people in this blog that call Tea Party Patriots names. It is also amazing to observe the simple nature of those that support Obama and socialism. One blogger wrote that we are morons and stated that the health care plan makes it easier for us to get health insurance. She must not pay taxes and must not have children and must not have any sense of financial responsibility.

    It is troubling to think that we have a vast portion of our population that thinks that money grows on trees somewhere at a secret location near Washington D.C.

    It is also troubling to think that these Obama socialist supporters cannot see that this program will implode due to lack of funding and wholly disrupt our medical care system, our individual liberty and our nations overall prosperity. This dampening of economic production and spirit will affect these supporters the most. As the health care plan kicks in, corporations will fire employees to make up for budget shortfalls. It is happening in my company now. This is simply a fact.

    Our country is headed toward certain peril if we cannot correct our course.

  11. Face it. There's nothing to be gained by supporting Republicans. The Tea Party needs to stick to fighting in primaries against the RINO's and running third-party candidates in the general elections. Republicans like John McCain just look at the Tea Party as a bunch of "useful Idiots."