Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CNN Reports on the Tea Party Express

CNN's Jon King interviewed Tea Party Express Vice Chair, Mark Williams, about the "Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day."

A relatively fair interview with CNN's King asking questions and allowing the Tea Party Express's Mark Williams to respond. There's some good stuff in this interview, friends!


  1. Harry Reid is a snake keeping quiet getting ready to spew his venom on the American people. Three Hundred Million people in the United States will be controlled by just 51 people in the United States Senate that are sneaking around behind closed doors making deals. These crooks have made millions over the years making deals. We must vote them out of office.

  2. CNN hears the train a comin'!

  3. NorthWest Indiana Patriots went to Mishawaka to see you all...and we had a blast!! We are making a difference! Our motto here: We will not stop until "THEY" stop! From here to shinning sea and all the way to NY23rd special election!
    Contact us through if there is anything we can do! God Bless all of you for all your hard work and "GOD BLESS AMERICA"!

    On the agenda: Let's get Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid out! We can do it Patriots...we can to it together!! UNITED WE STAND!!

    November 5th we are going to Hammond, Indiana to tell Senator Evan Bayh: "Bub-Bye Bayh"!!